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Helix Physiotherapy

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Our patients appreciate the professional integrity, genuine care and open communication that define our physiotherapy practice. We offer a holistic approach to Physiotherapy and are one of the few Physiotherapy clinics that offer the
GYROTONIC® methodology. We are committed to the highest professional standards in delivering dynamic physiotherapy services, that are individual to you - helping you achieve your personal recovery goals.
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Physical Therapist

Sport Injury Rehabilitation

Our approach is holistic. The body and it's interconnected systems (joint, muscle, neural, visceral, emotional systems) are assessed to determine the underlying factors that may be contributing to the problem. This may be a muscle imbalance in another part of the body or a previous injury or a combination of both.
We treat each patient as a individual and individualise your treatment to you. Treatment will be tailored to your own sporting or functional health goals.


GYROTONIC® exercise brings an amazing scope of movement to strength and flexibility exercises. It is strongly grounded in spinal motion, the core muscles and the breath. It has been used for high level applications such as rehabilitation for high level athletes and ballet dancers, as well as for neurological and scoliosis clients. We have 10 years of international experience in working with and training with the GYROTONIC® methodology. Find out more at
GYROTONIC® is a registered trademark of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and is used with their permission. 


Women's Health

You are in experienced hands, with over 10 years experience in Women's health issues. Don't delay is seeking early intervention during pregnancy or after the birth of your baby if you are experiencing any continence, pelvic floor or pelvic girdle issues. And if you have been putting it off for far to long  - don't!

Many women just don't know if their pelvic floor is working properly and a little bit of the right help goes a long way in managing these issues. 

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Back Massage

Conditions we treat

Sport injuries

Running injuries

Back pain

Neck pain



Pelvic girdle pain

Pelvic floor issues


Rectus diastasis

Post-natal pelvic floor weakness

Core stability

Muscle Imbalances

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Wickham Terrace Rooms:  (07)  3319 1515

Gynaecology at The Mill

Dr Amy Tang

Watkins Medical Centre

116 Ground Floor

225 Wickham Terrace

Spring Hill QLD 4000


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